La Plata Farms
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Since 1983

Repairs and Service

La Plata Farms prides itself on it's one on one service that we have provided over the last 25 years.  We will work with our customers to keep their spinning wheels and looms in good repair. We service Ashford, Louët and Schacht spinning and weaving supplies.   We will also be happy to try help you repair your wheels and looms that we normally do not carry when we can.  Feel free to contact us on your repair and service needs.


* Parts

We keep most needed items in stock to replace drive belts, tension springs and other small parts. Bobbin ends tend to come off over time and we should have replacement available for you.  We can get new flyers, bobbins and other parts for Ashford, Louët or Schacht.  Give us a call


* Repair

Repairs of flyers and other larger parts can normally be made by Doug in his 1300 sf shop.  Remanufacturing of obsolete or antique parts maybe possible depending on the extent of damage or other information available. Feel free to give Doug a call to discuss your repair needs.